Neighborhood Bar from Brooklyn, New York

Sip N Chat Cocktail Lounge in Brooklyn, New York, is a Caribbean-American restaurant and neighborhood bar with two levels packed with great people and amazing cuisine.
Excellent Customer Service
From the moment you walk through our door, our staff and the level of customer service offered thrives on treating you like family and takes a great deal of pride in making sure your experience is perfect. Our staff attends customer service workshops every 60 days to maintain the highest level of professionalism.

Everything from our décor and restaurant design to our decorated tables, electric candles, and guest books is meticulously handled to make you feel at home. There is even a 90-inch projector screen available for watching sporting events with your friends. No other restaurant in Brooklyn can compete with our atmosphere and customer service.
Excellent Food
Our mixture of American and Caribbean dishes is among the best anywhere. With seafood and Creole dishes, grilled shrimp and fish to curried chicken, traditional pork, goat, and lamb, you'll be able to enjoy something different every time you come through the door. We use only the freshest ingredients and the finest spices to create our menu selections.
Our dishes and culinary specials are served in an upscale fashion but reasonably priced, making it affordable to come back as often as your schedule allows.

Traditional Pork,  Neighborhood Bar in Brooklyn, NY

Drink Varieties
Come on in the next time you're in the mood for a cocktail, as we've got all the specialty drinks, beers, and cocktails you can imagine. From the most fashionable cocktails and martinis to classic Long Island iced tea, wines, and bottles of Cristal® and Dom Perignon™, we'll be happy to fix whatever drink you prefer.
If you are a beer drinker, we have plenty to choose from, including Corona™, Heineken™, Guinness™, and Budweiser™, as well as numerous Canadian beers. Happy hour drinks and prices are served from 4:30 p.m. to 9 p.m.

Contact us in Brooklyn, New York, to learn more about our restaurant and neighborhood bar.